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KakapopoTCG is the brand name owned by Kakapopo Ltd (SC 455486), a UK based company founded in Edinburgh, in the year 2013. 

The name Kakapopo was inspired by the native New Zealand bird Kakapo, a flightless owl parrot that lives in Sinbad Gully of Fiordland. The favorite animal of the company founder Sam Zhao :)


Our workshop have recently moved from Edinburgh to Shanghai due to a combination of increasing demand and COVID 19. The company founder Sam Zhao now spends at least 6 months in China every year to ensure the quality of our products is not compromised.

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Quality Assurance

KakapopoTCG provide a quality guarantee on all our products.
If you have received a flawed or faulty item from us, or is not happy with the quality of the product, please contact us and we will provide you with a resolution that you are totally happy with ASAP. So rest assured, we take great care of our customers.


    About the Founder

    My name is Sam, and I've been playing Magic the Gathering since 1997. I loved going to Friday night Magic as well as hanging with friends for some Commander or 2-headed dragon.

    Ever since I started playing MTG, I've always been on the look out for the perfect container that can carry my spells and creatures in to battle. I've used over hundreds of different styled and size shoe boxes and biscuit tins, as well as tool boxes, carry cases, and even makeup cases. And none feels quite right...

    In 2011, when my friend accidentally bumped a glass of orange juice on to my "Type 2 Armoury" (A sweet looking Nike shoe box) and almost made me cry (Thank God for the invention of double sleeve that prevented an outright disaster), I've finally decided enough is enough! If you want something done right, you have to do it your self. I got out my high school graphics drawing board (can't afford AutoCAD), and started scribbling for the perfect TCG carrying case... and the rest is history.

    All of the KakapopoTCG brand of Deck Boxes, Cases, and Tabletop Gaming Accessories are designed by me. I'm constantly either sketching up new and sometimes crazy designs, or looking for ways to improve existing product ranges based on feedback and reviews from TCG players whom have used our stuff. 
    We also started making Dice in 2016. And now, we design and produce polyhedral dice sets for RPGs such as DnD, as well as Spin-down Dice for MTG.

    If you are looking for something for your tabletop game that isn't available, I'd love to hear from you and maybe we can work together and bring it to life! :)

    May our adventures never end!
    Sam Zhao


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